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Hollywood Ending played their final LA show at the Roxy Sunday night, and let me tell you they SLAYED. After four years supporting these guys, the night was bittersweet for me. But wow, what a way to go out.

The atmosphere was hyped at the Roxy Sunday night as Hollywood Ending fans eagerly waited for the show to begin. From the moment Tyler, Dan, and Cameron stepped onstage and struck the first chords of Zero Gravity they owned the night. My first thought was "Wow, they look like total rockstars up there." And that they were. They had the look (Cameron's came complete with leather jacket, bandana, and gloves). They had the sound. They had the moves (and the swagger). The boys were on fire from the start.

One Wish kept the energy high, and had fans dancing. It was pure fun watching Dan, Tyler, and Cameron run around the stage with their guitars, jamming like crazy, clearly having the best time.

Not Another Song About Love slowed things down a fraction, as many fans took out their phones and filmed as they sang along.

She's All That brought out the swagger in Cameron, as he spun around the stage. The boys were on point, coming together as a trio nicely.

Courtney Love brought a guitar change and an even more edgy sound than Enders are used to. Tyler, Dan, and Cameron took things up another level. Heavy guitar riffs, rocking out hardcore, headbanging and screaming lyrics. One of the guys in Astro Safari USA put on a dolphin suit and danced around the stage, and rocked out with Dan. Pure awesomeness.

Fade To Blue is one of my favorites off the new album and it had me pause for a moment and just watch, reminiscing at how far these guys have come. It was a sad moment as the lyrics spoke about things coming to an end, such as the band.

They slowed things down a bit with Perfect and Good Time  Girl, both of which featured Tyler on acoustic guitarGave fans a chance to take pictures and take in the vocals and instruments. Perfect is such a pretty song, and was dedicated to the fans, who have loved the tune so much in earlier shows they had to put it on the new album.

Freak Like Me brought the energy level back up as all the "Ender freaks" in the crowd went crazy. Tyler's swagger stood out even more in this song with his dancing. And Cameron serenading the girls was adorable.

You Got Me was pure awesome. It's the song that started it all for Hollywood Ending and you could tell it was a crowd favorite as they went nuts. Tyler and Dan had a cute musical moment. All three boys took things up another notch, with their energy and swagger. Like they only had a few songs left and they were going to love every single second of it.

Love You Now brought Tyler out on bass. Always 18 kept the momentum going strong.

You is such a catchy song, full of fangirling as the boys pointed to someone. And with the priceless Tyler kissing Dan's cheek moment fans eat up.

Don't Let Me Down - "This is our last song of our last show here so time to give it all you've got" the band told the crowd. I looked at Rachel and we were like we want to cry, but instead chose to rock out with the band singing and dancing along. I don't think Tyler stopped jumping the entire song, he couldn't contain his energy. Dan was full of smiles. And Cameron was rocking out bigtime. As the final notes faded the crowd went nuts cheering.

Thank you to Hollywood Ending for a great 4 years full of memories. I'm going to miss the band, but will continue to support the guys.

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