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www.robertbiehn .com

Robert Biehn has always been a storyteller.
At a very young age, Robert began writing books, poems, acting in plays, and otherwise vocalizing wild adventures born within his mind. When he was 15, he acquired the starting-piece for sharing his hopeful inclinations with the world - his guitar.

His debut single & music video “Say Hello” was released in early 2016, and shortly after its release won 1st place for “Best Short Film” in a local film festival in California. Riding on its success, his debut EP “STORIES” was released in the spring. This EP featured songs recorded with the Grammy nominated Noah Henson, Darren Smith of Baby Dee Beats, and others who teamed up to capture his unique blend of rhythmic, upbeat acoustic-rap/pop, with the fantasy undertones of his novel writing.

When he's not in the studio or writing his upcoming novel series Evelon: The Story of Angels, Robert can be found making appearances hosting or playing at Conventions such as Anime Los Angeles (ALA), Anime Expo, Autumn Dream, Anime Conji, Sabakon, and most recently, Ninja-con.

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It's always a great time getting to go out and support featured artists and last night was no exception. Got the chance to see Robert Biehn and Amy Taylor perform at Sloco's. Great sets from both, including some new stuff.



We talked with 19 year old Omar Alhindi to get the story behind his debut album, Bedhead Level 1, slated to drop October 28, 2016.

Omar's first LP, entirely autobiographical, tells the story of his first heartbreak. After the relationship he confides that he isolated himself in his room, and spent a lot of time sleeping and writing. Music was his outlet. "At the end of the day it was my diary. It was my way to cope. Writing music, getting it out in the open was my way to do it." Omar shares.

In an industry where image is everything, it is refreshing when you come across a young person, choosing to be real. He describes himself as being an open book. "I feel I have to portray all of me, not just what I want people to see." And the album does just that.

"It's so honest." Omar says, adding that he believes in the need to write from personal experience. His inspirations come from past relationships as well as desires. "I've always wanted my life to play out like a movie" he tells us. He uses that when writing songs about how he wants to perceive certain things in life.

He wrote his newest single, "Stay Strong" when he was 15, as a tribute to his Grandma who just passed away from cancer. Omar wants the track to encourage people. "Even if times are hard your never alone. Stay strong and fight on. Things get better."

Bedhead Level 1 is almost five years in the making, and Omar has grown a lot since then. Why did the album take so long to get finished? Numerous reasons. He recorded over 200 songs, but wanted to make sure the ones that made the cut were the absolute best. He also wanted his vocals to be ready and a better idea of how to produce them. "I lost inspiration for awhile and wanted to get to know myself outside of music." Omar confides. So he took a few years off recording and came back recharged.

About a year ago he wrote his favorite track on the album, "Lust". While he says it's not something he personally went through during his first relationship, he likes that it's sexy. Omar thinks it will be fun to try and portray that side of him onstage performing.

The album is the first of two parts. The concept for the name Bedhead Level 1, attributes to his love and inspiration from video games and the fact that much of the album was written in his bedroom.

For Omar, it isn't about how many people are going to like his music (and we think you will). It is about his love of performing, and of telling stories. He also wants to get involved in acting and writing books. "I've been writing stories since I was in 4th grade. I want to be jack of all trades."

Music is another way for him to tell his stories, in a way that he feels people are able to put themselves in his shoes when listening. And isn't that the best music? Those songs that make you feel like they are speaking personally to you. Music has the power to touch your heart, and that is what Omar hopes to do with this album. "It's a blessing that people follow my music. I appreciate all of the opportunities that I'm given."

"Bedhead Level 1" is slated to drop October 28th, with his newest single "Stay Strong" out now.




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