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Pop Artist Tyler Matl and Social Media Star Hunter Herring are teaming up to bring you Hyler Entertainment Group. This PR company will provide artists with the tools
to develop their craft, including brand marketing, consulting, imaging, and many more services.
This new venture sparked from Tyler's recent experience in the industry. Matl has been out of the limelight since last summer, when he pretty much disappeared
from social media and the industry. In an exclusive interview with Pop Blitz he opens up about a rough past year, and overcoming tough obstacles.

"I needed time for myself to breathe.  I felt like I wasn't being real to myself, was just doing what everyone else wanted. It got to the point where singing was no longer fun." shares Tyler. He was struggling, so much so that he had lost sight of himself and his dreams. After months of soul searching back home in Nashville, surrounded by supportive family and friends, he decided to do something about it.

Not wanting to give up on his dreams, he wanted something that would allow him to still work in the industrymaking music, but at the same time take a step back from being in the spotlight himself. After meeting social media star Hunter Herring the two hit it off and came upwith the idea of starting a PR company, to help artists that are in the position where Tyler was, just starting out and in need of help. Tyler made the tough choice to leave his hometown of Nashville, packed up his things and moved with his best friend to Missippi, where Hyler Entertainment will be based.

As an artist his every movewas chosen for him, from what to wear, how to act, what to sing, and everything in between. He had no freedom. So he wanted to do something where he has control. He feels very strongly about empowering artists to have a voice in who they are, what music they want to sing, and all the many choices that come along in their careers.

"I want other artists to have that opportunity. I want them to feel right, happy." saying at the end of the day if your not happy then none of it matters. That is his
mission for Hyler Entertainment.
I know your all wondering, but what about Tyler Matl the artist? Well don't worry we have his word that he isn't giving up on his singer/songwriter dreams. He is
excited to be writing, both for himself, and other artists because he has full control over the direction and what he wants his music to say. He has ten songs written
so far that he can't wait to share.

For Tyler it has always been about expressing himself through his music, and relating to his fans. In an industry where there is much fakeness, he strives to stay genuine and true to himself. He says he needs to put himself first for a change and do what makes him happy. He hopes that the fans will be supportive and genuinely love the new music.

A little background on business partner Hunter Herring, who was kind enough to speak to us as well. When asked about his role in the company he states "Tyler is the
business side, I am the creative art (graphic design, website, etc.)" Hunter's love for social media all started with a tweet back from one of his favorites, pop
artist Rihanna. Thinking that was pretty awesome, he started reaching out to people and it spiraled from there. Hunter has over 300,000 subscribers on Instagram and
has recently been diverging into sponsorships.
While no word on an official launch date for the company, the duo are looking for new artists to work with. If you are an upcoming artist looking for genuine people to
represent your PR needs I highly recommend sending your stuff to hylerentgroup@gmail.com We are excited to announce that Pop Blitz will be working together with Hyler Entertainment to bring you exclusive interviews with artists from all over. We couldn't be happier for Tyler and wish him the best!