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April 2007

Name: Bianca Ryan
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Last summer, Bianca Ryan proved to the America she's got talent. Now she's got something even more impressive...a masterful new album.

The 12-year-old prodigy, and reigning America's Got Talent champion, will drop her much-anticipated debut, Bianca Ryan, on November 14. To help showcase Bianca's extraordinary vocal skills, executive producers Jay Landers and Jaymes Foster reached out to a team of gifted writers and producers, including David Foster, Diane Warren, Walter Afanasieff and Emanuel Kiriakou. "Bianca's voice is so special," Landers says. "We wanted to surround her with the best in the business." The end result is a magnificent mix of ballads and upbeat tunes that will surely put the young star on the musical map.

Bianca Ryan is just the latest chapter in what can only be described as a storybook life come true. "Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be famous and have people know me," Bianca says. "Sometimes I can't believe this is all actually happening."

Even more unbelievable, her singing career almost happened by accident. Growing up in Philadelphia, Bianca was known as an exceptional dancer, winning national talent competitions for tap. When she was 8, however, she decided to accompany a friend to a singing audition for Star Search. Her parents were admittedly confused, she was a dancer not a singer, after all. But Bianca had a secret. Unbeknownst to everyone, she'd been fine-tuning her vocal chops in her bedroom at home, singing along to the radio.

Bianca's rendition of "Think" by Aretha Franklin blew the socks off Star Search's producers, and landed her a coveted spot on the show. "I'd never heard her sing like that. I was shocked," says her dad Shawn.

At that moment Bianca knew she had something unique, something she had to protect and nurture. "My voice is truly a gift from God," she says. "I needed to take care of it because not everybody gets this opportunity." She began doing vocal exercises, practicing in the basement of her modest home.

Her father, Shawn, recalls her singing along to the songs of her idols: Celine Dion, Yolanda Adams, Jennifer Holiday, and Selena. "She would sing all these songs in Spanish even though she had no idea what they meant," Shawn says. "It was the cutest thing in the world."

Bianca's next stop was amateur kids night on Showtime at the Apollo. For three weeks, she completely destroyed the competition. Still, all those appearances in front of an appreciative crowd continued to give her confidence in her ability. Later that year, she also appeared to rave reviews on The Tom Joyner Show.

Next up: America's Got Talent. Bianca sang only five words at her first audition, but that was enough to convince the judges to put her on the show. It was the opportunity of a lifetime and Bianca didn't disappoint. Her performance of Holiday's "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" caused panelist David Hasselhoff to declare: "You know what kid? You're a star." More prophetic words could not be spoken. Simon Cowell, the show's executive producer, exclaimed "Bianca Ryan is potentially one of the best singers I have ever heard in my life." Bianca, of course, won the competition and the admiration of millions across the country.

Now, the young star is poised to win even more fans with her dazzling new album. Notably, the song, "The Rose", produced by Swedish duo Quiz and Larossi, is a stirring version of the 1979 Grammy Award-winning song made famous by Bette Midler. Bianca performs the ballad with soul and a depth of understanding that seems almost impossible for someone her age. She considered the experience an honor: "Not everybody gets an opportunity to sing "The Rose," she says. Her inspired interpretations continue on such classics as R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly", "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" (from Broadway's Dreamgirls), and the 1977 Academy Award winning classic "You Light Up My Life," popularized by Debby Boone.

On the standout track "Awake", Bianca picks up the tempo and shows another side of her prodigious talent. Produced by Julian Bunetta (Hilary Duff), the record proves Bianca's equally gifted singing contemporary pop as she is belting out money-note ballads. On another upbeat track, Bianca gets her holiday groove on with "Why Couldn't It Be Christmas Every Day?" The song was co-written and produced by Walter Afanasieff, whose previous credits include Mariah Carey's classic album Merry Christmas.

The album is sure to bring Bianca more fame than she ever imagined. Still, she keeps it all in perspective. Despite so much success so early in life, she..s a 12-year-old to the core. "I like to ride my bike, swim, play basketball, and joke around with my brothers and sisters," she says. Does she ever feel any pressure? "I don't get nervous at all. Actually, I get excited because I'm living my dream."