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Photo Credit: Eat The Apple Productions

Enter a place where legends have been made, careers launched. The Doors got their start here, as did Van Halen and numerous others. As I looked around the venue and waited for the show to begin, I could feel it in the air. The vibe at this trendy music club is old school, classic 60’s rock. Tonight was to be a full line up of emerging punk/rock bands. There is a diverse crowd, with the majority being college age to early 30’s. Madison Rose is slated to perform third. During the brief intermission, guys swarm to the front of the stage, cameras at the ready.

The music starts, and Madison enters from up above, slinking down the stairs in a show-stopping dress, black skirt with a red glittery, skimpy, see through tank, and black fishnet tights. It is a sexy look yet she pulls it off with class.

“Who’s ready to rock?” are the first words out of her mouth. The response mediocre, she tries again “I can’t hear you guys. Who’s ready to rock?” This time the cheers are considerably louder so she yells “Then lets rock and roll!” and launches into the first number, an upbeat, fun number called “Kissin In Your Cadillac”.

Madison describes her music as Van Halen meets the sassiness of Katy Perry. A diverse sound with ballads and her new single “Over You”.

The band is made up of guys she fondly calls the 3 J’s, brother Justyn “The Stuntman”, bassist Josh, and drummer John. All three guys sport dark denim, Justyn a red vintage T, Josh a white T with a black vest, and drummer a red and black checked flannel shirt.

I was unsure what to expect, but am pleasantly surprised by Madison. I’d describe her as a sweet girl with an edge. Onstage she works her sex appeal, with flirty banter, and kisses blown to the audience.  Personality wise Madison draws you in. She is energetic, jubilant, and charismatic, working the stage and the boys. The guys eat it up.

“In this last song I was kissing in your Cadillac. Or was it yours? No it was yours.” she teases as she points out boys in the audience. “This song I want you to “Drive My Car”, Madison instructs before bursting into another energetic rock number with attitude.

“The best way to keep a party going is with some Joan Jett” Madison exclaims before going straight into a cover of “I Hate Myself For Loving You”.

Madison asks if there are any bad boys in the audience. Not wanting to admit it, the crowd stays quiet. Madison repeats the question, coaxing the guys to own up and a few cheer. A young guy is pulled onstage and asked to prove he is a bad boy. Justyn warns him that is his sister, and the guy simply kisses her cheek. In return Madison proves being a bad girl and gives him a kiss on the cheek before breaking into “Bad Boy”.

Next it’s the girls turn. Upon being asked if there are any bad girls in the audience the response is enthusiastic, girls proudly cheering for themselves. Madison admits to being a bad girl on occasion. “Have you ever been to a party and left all your fear at the door, and maybe you’ve had one too many to drink…” Madison explains before covering the infamous Katy Perry hit “I Kissed A Girl”.

Next she treats us with a Van Halen cover of  “Ain’t Talkin Bout Love”. It gives the audience a chance to focus on her vocals, which are strong and passionate.

Next is Madison’s brand new single “Over You”, a great break-up anthem. When speaking with Madison after the show she confides that this song is written from personal experience, as all of hers are. “It is about being in that bad relationship and getting no respect. I called this guy up and said “I’m over you”. She knew she had to put a phone call in the song for authenticity.

“I love this crowd. I want to kiss every one of you. I am sad to say goodbye, but all things must come to an end.” she states before rocking into her last song “Aftershock”,  a powerful pop number with an edge. Encouraging the crowd to get into it, the guys up front are jumping up and down, while Madison looks like she is dancing with them from the stage.

After Madison tells the crowd she has a surprise for us, and holds up a box. In a clever plug, out comes ITunes Gift Cards of which she hands out to the most enthusiastic. “You can buy my new single.”

This is Madison’s third time playing Whisky-A-Go-Go, the first back in February. Madison recounts that night, telling me she was so nervous and excited to play where her favorite bands have graced the same stage. Growing up she had posters of these very artists on her walls. “It is a great milestone for my career.”

Review by Tracey Ecklund, Editor In Chief, Pop Blitz Magazine
Thanks to Madison for the tickets.