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L to R Eytan, Chase, TS, Gabe, Josh

Upon entering the Mint, I discover it to be packed with people. Now this venue is your typical neighborhood bar with a handful of small tables in front of the stage, bar in back and booths on the side. The crowd is buzzing, drinks in hand. A country music showcase has just gotten over, but people are sticking around, ready for more music.

The band starts off with a bang. A loud guitar riff catches your ear, a pounding drum line gets your attention, and a voice makes you take notice. Upon that stage five guys immediately come to life, as they play their first number "Dysfunctional". The band has a motto, which is for every fan to forget about today, yesterday or tomorrow and just live in the moment, at least while they're with them. Within the first song Midnight Mirage accomplishes just that. It is impossible to think about anything else or look anywhere else but upon that stage.  Immediately you are taken in by TS's killer voice and stage presence. "Consider that our soundcheck." notes TS after the song draws to a close.

"In Love With Yourself" is about that person who thinks they are Gods gift placed on this earth. "Everyone has someone in their life that is like this. And if you don't know anyone you probably are that person." says TS by way of introducing the second number. The tempo is fast, the music is rocking, and TS is making eye contact singing to the fans.

Next comes the mash-up cover premiere of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. The band is getting totally into it. TS is acting out the words, Gabe is rocking the drums, Josh grooving on bass, nothing but smiles from Chase pouding away on keys, and Eytan is having a blast on Guitar.

Following is their brand new single "Bad For You" a song about telling that other person that you are not a good fit for them. Another rocking, fun song, of which the guys seem especially psyched to play.

The group slows it down for "Scars," an emotional ballad about overcoming heartbreak. TS brings the words to life and makes the crowd feel his pain, if only for a few minutes.

Then comes "Whatever You Want", about an ex who thinks they can do as they please. The highlight of this song happens near the end. Right after the phrase "She can rock the bed til 10 a.m." the music comes to a standstill for an intentional brief second. Then they bring you back with a killer guitar solo, followed by a booming drum solo, and piano riff.

After is "Should've Known", a poignant number reminiscing about this person they were with that looking back they should have realized how wrong for them they were. With a slower tempo, you are able to focus on each of the band members.

Last but definitely not least comes "Life Is A Party", one of my favorites. Ending on a high note this song rejoices in not taking yourself too seriously. It was the most energetic song of the night. TS encourages the crowd to really get into it, and that they do by dancing in their seats, singing along, and throwing their hands up in the air and yelling when the song calls for it.

What a great end to an amazing set. The band was spot on the entire time. Great chemistry, the members complement each other well. There is no weak link in this bunch, the four instruments melded together and gave the vocals a strong base.

Such energy in this performance, you could not sit still. TS's voice just kills me. He is full of charisma, and knows how to work the stage. This is his dream and it shows. Even after a 15 hour day he gave 200%. I've been following the lead singers music for around 5 years now, ever since the beginning of his solo pop creer, and he keeps getting better.  Offstage he is humble and appreciative, making sure to connect with fans and friends, thanking them for coming out. I can see where he gets it from, as his mom is just as gracious. I had the pleasure of watching the show with her and her friends and had a blast.

This is a very promising new band. You would never know that they have only been together a year, this particular set of members a matter of a few months. I predict big things ahead for Midnight Mirage. Two thoughts that are front in my mind after this show are one, these guys need to be signed and two, TS should be on American Idol. If you haven't checked these guys out yet what are you waiting for?

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Review by Tracey Ecklund, Editor In Chief, Pop Blitz Magazine