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I held high expectations for this show: The Rocket Summer came to the Roxy with The States and The Scene Aesthetic.  Most importantly, this meant Bryce Avary in person!  All my anticipation could not have prepared me for this experience.  The night was jam-packed with new experiences; never before had I been to a show in LA – The Rocket Summer’s CD release show, never before have I witnessed a concert-turned-dance party, never before had I the privilege of a heart to heart with such a talented artist, and never before had I looked on in wonder as a single man captivated an entire room the way Bryce was able to that night.

The house was lined from wall to wall with feverish twenty-somethings by the time Bryce stepped foot onstage. Each and every one of them patiently awaited Bryce’s musical rapture.  You see, Bryce is more than a front man; Bryce Avary is a guitarist, a pianist, a drummer, a song writer, a composer, and a vocalist.  Bryce Avary is The Rocket Summer.  In a moment everyone was rocking out, dancing, and singing along with such dedication – even to songs from Life Will Write the Words, an album dropped that very day!  For an hour and a half, The Rocket Summer reviewed Bryce’s best from "Calendar Days" to "Of Men and Angels”.   When Bryce asked what people wanted to hear, the loudest shouts were for “TV Family” and “So Much Love” though at a Rocket Summer show every song feels like the crowd favorite.  Bryce and his band performed likewise, giving one-hundred-and-ten-percent! Special noteworthy highlights include "Soldier's", where Bryce had the crowd form a circle and performed on the floor, "Walls" with its great acoustics, the dance party, crowd surfing, and Bryce's mini piano medley of older songs.


A large portion of The Rocket Summer’s set was a solo Bryce Avary, performing on every available instrument on stage, looping chords and melodies and rhythms all at once.  He rocked the guitar, but his piano playing just killed me.  I stood awestruck two feet from his keyboard as love flowed from his fingertips.  I thought about all the work put into that performance – yes the passion and yes the energy, but from every angle! He wrote the words, he thought up the melodies and the harmonies and actually translated those ideas into readable material that he, himself sang and strummed and keyed and drummed, allowing him the freedom to move from song to song in mid song in order to give his fans as much as possible… it blows me away.  Near the end of the show, Bryce exclaimed, “This is exactly what I needed!” I think the crowd was right there with him. I know this experience was exactly what I needed to fuel my passion for music.  I came to L.A. three weeks ago for an internship, and my desire to chase my dream was reaffirmed that night.

After the show, I waited for over an hour near the tour bus with other fans.  Bryce finally appeared, apologizing for the long wait, signing autographs and posing for photos.  His humility is a testament to the appreciation he has for his followers.  Even after such an exhausting day, he still made time for every single person there.  While signing an album he stopped, gazed at it, and admitted that he couldn’t believe it was finally here.  Bryce seemed touched by the admiration of his fans and said that it was his goal to put on an amazing show – indeed; it will be hard for others to live up to this experience

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Review by Tracey Ecklund, Editor In Chief, Pop Blitz Magazine
Credit to : Nick Wetzel, Freelancer
Thanks to Bryan for the tickets and Bryce for the show.